We believe that responsible spaying and neutering of dogs and cats is an important component of veterinary medicine.  We strongly encourage pet owners to take this step with their pets and we work hard to keep the procedures accessible.

If our efforts to help curb pet overpopulation, we have long operated our own in-house program for neutering male cats.  Our Low Cost Neuter program is scheduled for the first Thursday of each month.  Our staff will be happy to schedule an appointment and discuss the specific guidelines of the program.
Additionally, we work closely with other community organizations to participate in their efforts, such as Marion County Dog Shelter, Salem Friends of Felines, Cat Adoption Team, Kitty Angels, and the Willamette Humane Society.
We are currently looking at options for creating a community program to provide feline spay/neuter options to replace the Willamette Humane Society’s Save The Felines program, which was recently discontinued.
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