Simon came to us as a stray cat in late 2009.  We first planned to find him a good home, but after experiencing his unique personality, our staff pushed for him to have the opportunity to stay.  We’ve tried this before in the past and each time the cats just didn’t deliver the type of behavior that is required in order to have free run of the building during business hours.  While Simon isn’t perfect, he has been successful in providing entertainment to our staff and clients.  Below is a photo album of some of his dailly activities……….

Often napping……..

SCAC Simon 1 SCAC Simon 2 SCAC Simon 3


Often exploring new spaces…….

SCAC Simon 4 SCAC Simon 5 SCAC Simon 6


In his job as chief security officer – always watching……

SCAC Simon 7  SCAC Simon 8   SCAC Simon 9


Occasionally, he even works……………..


SCAC Simon 10 SCAC Simon 11 SCAC Simon 12

SCAC Simon 13 SCAC Simon 14 SCAC Simon 15


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