We offer a number of examination formats in order to ensure your horse’s health including:
  • Routine Physical Exam
  • Lameness Exam
  • Opthalmic Exam
  • Oral Exam
  • Insurance Exam
  • Pre-Purchase Exam

Vaccination Recommendations

We recommend the following vaccination protocols:

  • At Birth: Injection to supplement Selenium
  • At 6 Months: Initial Vaccination for West Nile Virus, EWE, Tetanus, and Influenza (injectable)
  • At 7 Months: Booster Vaccination for West Nile Virus, EWE, Tetanus and Influenza (injectable)
  • At 11 Months: Vaccination for Influenza (Intranasal)
  • Annually (Spring): Vaccination for West Nile Virus, EWE, Tetanus and Influenza
  • Semi-Annually (Spring/Fall): Vaccination for Influenza
  • Strangles: Recommended annually
  • Rabies: Recommended annually (see your veterinarian for guidelines)

Deworming Recommendation

We recommend the following deworming protocols:

  • Foals: at 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 months of age: Administer Fenbendazole (Panacur) at the larvacidal dosage level (see your veterinarian for questions about this level).
  • Age 6 months and older:

    We have changed our adult horse deworming schedule to a four times per year rotation. We have also added an affordable Equine Worming Pack to treat one horse for a whole year at a cost of only $36.00.  Please call our clinic for details today!

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